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Why I Decided to Become an Optometrist

I often get asked the question, “How did you decide to become an Optometrist?”.   The answer is simple for me, I followed in my father’s footsteps.  As an OD, my dad, Dr. Harold Neuwirth was passionate about helping his patients see clearly and Contact Lenses were a big part of his success.

Back in those days, hard contact lenses covered not only the cornea but most of the white part of the eyes. Because there was no oxygen transmission through the lenses and very little around the lenses, these large lenses could only be worn for a few hours.  Different from today, then the doctors needed to make molds of their patient’s eyes using Plaster of Paris.  As a young girl, I often played with these molds, and that is where the fascination began.

Unfortunately, my father died when I was 10, however, the love for my dad and the respect I had for his devotion to helping others did not die with him.  Soon after I graduated from Simmons College, Bausch and Lomb released the first commercially available soft contact lenses.  I was working with a group of ophthalmologists and was personally fit with a pair of these lenses, and I was hooked.  What a difference this made!!! I no longer had to wear my heavy glasses, and this truly helped my self-esteem.  I was encouraged to go back and become an optometrist and so I attended Pennsylvania College of Optometry. With my wonderful memories I later began my own journey as an optometrist.   I was excited about all new technology and options. I became even more excited about helping others have the same transformation as I did.

My thirst for knowledge about contact lenses grew from there.  I have experience fitting all types of contact lenses, from conventional PMMA hard lenses to newer rigid gas permeable lenses, multifocal lenses, hybrid, and scleral lenses.

Together with Dr. Heather, we want to help you see more clearly with all the options available to you.

If you have had trouble wearing contacts in the past, try us out.

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