We at Bright Eyes Vision are committed to Eye Health. Here are some interesting tips as it relates to your eye health and eye health in the United States.

Did you know…

Did you know that 63 million Americans have a vision issue and less than half of them saw an Optometric physician last year?  That’s one of the many reasons it  is so important for you and your family get your eyes examined every year.

The eye is the only place where a doctor can directly view blood vessels and nerve fibers.  That is why eye exams are important to detect or monitor systemic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, multiple sclerosis, hyperthyroidism.

More than 70% UV radiation can pass through clouds?  That is why it is so important that we not only protect our skin, but our eyes from the harmful UV rays.

The eye is an extension of the brain.  Many neurological problems that begins in the brain can be detected from a comprehensive eye exam.

You blink more than 17,000 times a day. Blink rates can affect the wearing of contact lenses. Not blinking enough can cause dirty and dry contact lenses.

One quarter of all the US school children have a vision problem significant enough to affect learning.  Vision is not just the ability to read the lowest line on a chart.  It has to do with the ability to track words as well as the ability to focus from distance to near and new to distance. These skills cannot measured during a screening, but needs a complete eye exam.

75 % of the world’s blindness is preventable. One in five people are at risk of for vision loss. The majority of the world population is not luck enough to have the trained doctors as here in the USA. Early detection is crucial in preventing and treating eye conditions and diseases.

Getting a complete eye exam every year is an important step you can take to help monitor many systemic diseases and protect your vision health.

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