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At Bright Eyes Vision, we understand that properly designed eyewear needs to be fitted by knowledgeable, caring professionals. This is just as important as the accuracy of the doctor’s prescription. We will help you choose the most appropriate lens design for your prescription and your lifestyle. We use only the highest quality materials and offer the most advanced lens designs available, as not all vision care products are created equal.

After your visit to Bright Eyes Vision, you’ll leave confident not just in your look, but in the quality and the value of your frame. So whether you are searching for your everyday frames, sunglasses, sports glasses, computer vision glasses or just a unique new frame for your collection, our boutique should be your first and only stop!

Filling a prescription is more than just pupillary measurements- we also measure a vertex distance, segment height, and optic centers, wrap and pantoscopic tilt. These measurements are all frame dependent.

We Are Excited to Introduce Etnia Barcelona Designer Frames

When Bright Eyes Vision considered introducing a new line for our patients, it was important that we found one that matched our values. There was one line that stood out from the rest. We are excited to introduce Etnia Barcelona. Like us, they are an independent, family-owned business with a passion for excellence.

Etnia Barcelona is a company that cares about diversity and equality. Through color and art, they embody the idea of being compassionate and respectful of all humans.

Quality matters at Etnia, as it does at Bright Eyes. Designing and manufacturing their own frames in their own factories allows them to monitor the entire process and deliver highest quality frames for you, our valued patients.

Sustainability is also a top priority…EB has eliminated single use plastic and replaced it with 100% biodegradable bags made from corn starch.

The Etnia Barcelona Foundation, a non-profit group, was established to provide optical care and assistance to vulnerable families to help improve their visual health and quality of life.

With a focus on FAMILY, DIVERSITY, QUALITY, SUSTAINABILITY, AND COMMUNITY OUTREACH, it’s clear why we have decided to partner with ETNIA BARCELONA.

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