Last year I was new to the area and was looking for an eye doctor nearby. I am so happy I had found Dr. Miller. This was truly a first for me since I had the same eye doctor from 2001 when I started wearing glasses to 2014. Dr. Miller and her mother, are always willing to answer any and all of my questions. Her mother tried fixing my glasses that were messed up from a different doctor. And then spent 30 minutes helping me find the right glasses this year when they were in my budget ! The office is beautifully decorated and very welcoming. I suggest her to all of my friends in the area.

So happy to have found Dr. Miller! I feel cared for and confident in her capable hands. Beautiful office in a very convenient location. State of the art equipment enabling Dr. Miller to provide a very thorough eye exam. Many beautiful fashion frames from which to choose. I would highly recommend this office and physician to children and adults.

Great service and a beautiful selection of frames! I would not hesitate to recommend all of my friends and family.

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Dr. Miller took the time to explain the process of her appointments and spent the time needed to make sure I got the correct Prescription, as I was always going to an America’s Best for convenience. And since I’m on the computer 12 hours a day for work she suggested blue lens glasses to wear while I work, let me say that this has been a changer, no more headaches, dry eyes, and I don’t squint as much either.